Thursday, January 27, 2011

NetDevil Memories: June 13, 2007: Death of a Printer

This is one of my favorite memories from NetDevil.  When we moved into our new space in 2007, we had two printers from the old office that never quite worked.  As in "PC Load Letter?  What the f*&#! does that mean?!"  So once we got all moved in with some new printers, we took the old ones out back, and went all Office Space on them.

Everybody got a chance to take a couple of whacks at those infernal machines with an assortment of weapons.  Choices ranged from a Black Magic softball bat, a golf club, a hockey stick, and as you can see here Ivan resourcefully brought his Razor scooter into the mix. (pssst Sherland! Untuck your shirt you knob!)

Kedhrin and Brizown tried to hold me back, but the nerd rage could not be contained.  Not to mention all the frustration of playing baseball for 12 years and still absolutely sucking at it...

Satisfying, to say the least.  Although I'm sure the offices behind us got a little uncomfortable seeing this on their new neighbor's first day in the hood.  Tee hee hee!

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